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Goodbye to my Art

5/2/14 by PeterSatera
Updated 5/2/14

Hi there, you may be wondering, what has happened to all my art, and why have I deleted it?

Well, due to recent theiving many have taken alot of my art and used it within environments I did not allow for their own personal gain, photoshopping out the copyright watermarks I added to them then adding their own name.  To restrict this from happening further I have stopped sharing all artworks here and on DeviantArt.  Apologies as some of them we're really liked and favorited but I can't take the chance anymore with thieves.


In bid to unite all the audio community together for realtime feedback and chatty fun I've altered the WIP group that was quite quiet and made it into a group for the audio artists on the website.  Feel free to join!

Newgrounds audio community group

Hey everyone, ooo the comments panel has changed! So I noticed that Cal' said he was still awaiting to see what the model was, I took it for granted that everyone had actually seen the final image in the audio forum, but here's what it was.  It was for the NGADM '13, a winner, 2nd place and third place image.

Congrats again to the winners ;)


Have no idea what this is for...nope, not at all!

Working on something for NG's.

Hey Everyone, here's a quick update from me. for anyone who is interested in the listen while having my stuff in the background here's a Peter Satera Playlist!

Would love to see some playlists from you guys! If you have one, link me!

The Cello Machine

8/23/13 by PeterSatera
Updated 8/24/13

Hello all! So I've been trying to play with sounds and trying to really widen my orchestra. I constantly listen to amazing pro stuff, and im still sick of how poor my stuff sounds. I thought i'd share some of my progress with you all in the conquest to really boost broadness to my instruments.

So I thought I would show what Im thinking of right now, I always wondered what it would be like to blend together a large array of samples. So I tried with a simple spicatto cello section. The section combines multiple libraries and blended together. See what you think, and comments are welcomed. :)


Im now in the Cinematic Audio Category.

Is it been a year already!? I have to admit, im rather astonished. The days seem to be going by much quicker.. :(

Well, let's hope I can get a '11 Track out for christmas. :) For those who are wondering where I may have been - well ive been working and doing some animation on Rival 5: The Final Confrontation. Which can be watched here on the facebook group.

I tend to add progress images/stuff every few days or so. 37196394/

Also can I thank everyone who has listened to my new track, and especially those who regularly comment on them! :) Much appreciated.

Will have to put up the Xmas tree soon!

Listening to the Gears of War Score 3. It's amazing! :D A must for anyone whole loves the older scores or transformers scores. :)


8/28/11 by PeterSatera