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Im now in the Cinematic Audio Category.

2013-04-25 10:30:57 by PeterSatera


Im now in the Cinematic Audio Category.


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2013-04-26 12:46:50

I'm excited. Bring on the new music. :)


2013-04-26 17:07:01

uhhh, is there any way of getting rid of those stupid spam messages on the bottom?

Anyways...Nice to see you back on again. Can't wait for some more stuff from you :D

PeterSatera responds:

Spam messages?


2013-04-29 06:08:01

Lol I will see how could you change all of them to Cinematic... good luck. :3


2013-04-30 21:18:42

nvm, there was a douche who started spamming messages earlier, they seemed to have disappeared...

nice pic btw, now we know what you look like (makes diabolical smile)


2013-05-11 16:09:11

BLaAAAHHaaH! That's what you look like? Well anyways with your updated system, will we expect to hear some more densely inhabited music? More instruments perhaps?

PeterSatera responds:

Absolutely, Im hoping to support more Woodwinds in some templates. Although I am unexperienced with this.


2013-05-26 12:09:58

DDR SDRAM are dirt cheap, get them as much as you can. You look quite handsome.

(Updated ) PeterSatera responds:

haha thanks. Yeah i bought some, i might upgrade again if i can with more ram, need to see if my board can take it. thanks!


2013-07-02 18:19:09

Your music is full of face-melting goodness. Why do you not have more fans? :o

PeterSatera responds:

Thanks BlazingDragon. I dunno, i suppose i dont make a lot of tracks, or enough of them to get fans. :P


2013-07-25 19:28:31

Great stuff you have composed there ... i am really impressed. Hope to hear more of your music soon!

PeterSatera responds:

Thanks Chris! More coming soon. :)


2013-08-19 05:00:59

Your music is awesome,keep it up!