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The Cello Machine

8/23/13 by PeterSatera
Updated 8/24/13

Hello all! So I've been trying to play with sounds and trying to really widen my orchestra. I constantly listen to amazing pro stuff, and im still sick of how poor my stuff sounds. I thought i'd share some of my progress with you all in the conquest to really boost broadness to my instruments.

So I thought I would show what Im thinking of right now, I always wondered what it would be like to blend together a large array of samples. So I tried with a simple spicatto cello section. The section combines multiple libraries and blended together. See what you think, and comments are welcomed. :)


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Don't get discouraged. Lord's blessed you with amazing talent, and you're easily in my league.

fantastic stuff man! also, those LASS spiccatos sound dope. I've been messing around with Albion, and I'm so very conflicted with how I want to set up my new template lol.

8/27/13 PeterSatera responds:

Yeah, it's difficult to choose between which one you want to use, im finding a combo of instruments give a good impression of large playing sections. This new template im working on will allow me to hopefully mix and match what packs when i feel like it, having it all pre loaded, its going to be a few weeks work to get there as each has it's on mixer channel but I think a good template helps alot.



You dont need a SSD - i thoght the same but it isnt necessary. I use Logic 64 bit mode and got 32 GB ram. I still have to load about 20 minutes a track if it is a really complex one - like this for ngadm round 2 - but when it has loaded everything works absolutely fine. I reccomend to build up n orchestra / cinematic pattern and just load it completely within 20 minutes and everything will be there instantly :D

8/24/13 PeterSatera responds:

I'll give it a thought then. How are you finding the play engine? So many people upset online it's hard to find a decent review of the existing HWbrass and strings.

I think i need to buy more ram too ;)



Your stuff does not sound poor goddamnit! :D

*ahem* Well, it is nice to see you making progress anyways. This actually does sound like an actual string section. Keep it up!

8/24/13 PeterSatera responds:

Haha, thanks ToonDude! Always got to keep pushing new templates and better setups. Thanks so much!



Hm ... the link doesnt work i think. I know what you mean if you say listening to all the professionals with their pro stuff just blows you away. I had the same feeling. You have got a good orchestra library - symphobia - right? Great sound. I was thinking about purchasing it but decided to buy hollywood brass and strings instead of it and absolutely love the sound - especially the french horn and celli legato and the flautando violins ... plz fix the link. I really would love to listen to it :D

8/24/13 PeterSatera responds:

Hey SoundChris, link fixed.

But yeah, I used a lot of symphobia, however HW Brass/strings sound incredible, a buy if I could afford the SSD's to load them on to.